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    From Book to Game: Quenta Silmarillion

    Quenta Silmarillion is the project of From Book to Game which will bring you back into the First Age, during the great War of the Jewels, and the fallen Vala Melkor’s rage would wreak destruction upon the world of Middle-earth, and plunge Arda into an age of darkness. This is the story of a war of Gods, Elves, Men and Dwarves, and a world which would never recover from the seeds of evil sown like drops of poison in a clear lake, spreading as a plague across its waters.

    From Book to Game: Quenta Silmarillion Features:

    • New Bandit System will be added
    • All-new Heroes, Units, Structures and Powers, developed specifically by and for FB2G.
    • Complete never before scene unit skins and models.
    • Adding a total of 4 new never before scene factions for the users enjoyment.

    • Complete list of changes coming soon!

    Leader of this Mod: FellbeastIII

    Contact Information: